This home winery was established in 1998 in Moshav Shahar by Irit and Sandro Pellegrini and has since been relocated to Kibbutz Gat.


Sandro & Irit Pellegrini

Sandro & Irit Pellegrini

Sandro comes from an aristocratic Italian family, and keeps the scroll showing his family’s lineage from the 14th century as well as the family’s crest carved in marble which has been passed down through the generations. He was born in Parma and was a chef in a local restaurant. He came to Israel in 1991 as part of an exchange – his friend, a chef in a Jerusalem restaurant, went to work in Sandro’s restaurant in Italy, and Sandro took his place in the restaurant in Jerusalem.

After he returned to Italy, Sandro couldn’t forget his love for Irit, an arts student from a family which originally came from Cochin in Kerala, India, whom he had met in Jerusalem when she was working at the restaurant. He missed Irit so much that he returned to Israel in 1995 and the couple married.

The Pellegrini family has a long tradition of winemaking in Italy; they have been making wine since the year 1425. Since then, their winemaking secret has been passed on from generation to generation.