The Menu



Cochin salad trio39
Grilled eggplant with tahini and silan (Date honey)41
Chicken livers a la Venezziani46
Pumpkin carpaccio, hazel nuts and parmesan39
Sweetbreads and 'king of the forest' mushrooms56
Caprese – fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil45
'Orange' soup with a touch of ginger35
Bresaola – sirloin with parmesan53
Calf brains with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms53


'Ispeti' – traditional Cochin beef stew89
Beef kebab with hazel nuts and spicy beetroot salad75
Spinach and ricotta cannelloni69
Chicken fillet with ginger, cherry tomatoes, cashew nuts, spearmint and coriander83
Beef stew in red wine, root vegetables and chestnuts94
Sirloin strips with mushrooms and spinach113
Chicken fillet in green curry and coconut cream83
Lasagna ragout (meat dish)79
Fresh pasta with zucchini and sage67
Tongue in a chasseur sauce – vegetables, herbs and white wine94
'Vaticheze' – fish fillet in a spicy tomato sauce – Cochin dish93
Served with: rice with carrots and onions, polenta or salad


torta di cioccolato senza farina30
parfe’ mango30
torta di pere e mandorle30